Confusion over creationism in Northern Ireland


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Opinion reads: The proponents of creationism in this row have used the language of balance, free speech and human rights to defend their views. The Caleb Foundation has spoken of its “campaign for equality’, while a letter to the Belfast Telegraph stated that the public were being denied the right to hear the “Christian position”. But these calls for equal treatment of views miss the point. Science isn’t about “views”, it is about demonstrable fact.

Note that I am a vitalist, I am not a creationist. Nevertheless, there is no disinterested science, and belief in natural selection is also found with problems. Self-interested logic has been unable to make a distinction between the precondition of natural selection (which is a presumed randomness and an assumed fitness landscape) and with apparent teleology; and asserting a blind watchmaker demands a distinction. The distinction never comes within ontology, and when you look to evidence the situation becomes even more contrived as evolution is found more and more complicated.  This is not to say that belief in natural selection is unable to rationalize itself enough to fit belief to new evidence, but in each rationalization this belief finds itself unable to distinguish itself from an underlying teleology that supports natural causation. In other words, this problem never goes way until it is realized that life`s “struggle” for survival is a metaphysical projection that should in fact be pointed at in public schools. Seems like a tight argument to me!

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