Major concession on Darwin’s theory


Article reads: In the classic view of “Darwinism”, organisms compete over resources for the right to survive and reproduce. Those that are successful pass on their genes. Those that can’t cut it die out. But looking at the fossil record over the last 400 million years, Sarda Sahney and colleagues at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom found that patterns of evolution don’t always match this trend. Instead, species tend to move away from competition into new ecological niches. And sometimes they just get lucky.

Evolution’s driver is now given over to the space-time fabric, as this fabric is the maker of niches. This new view does not over step the Kantian limits having to do with space and time, and the new view can look to support by pointing to my ontological refutation of Darwinism given in an old post, see item (2):


So I am very happy seeing this major concession.

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