What genetics can’t tell us


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Article reads: For some time, the pursuit of the human genome has convinced Americans we are on the verge of discovering the genetic causes — and cures — for everything. This hope has been boosted by the general scientism (worshiping at the mantel of what is supposedly scientific) of American culture, and mythical — often faked-up — descriptions of identical twins reared apart who are perfect replicas of one another. … The Human Genome Project has actually tilted our understanding in the opposite way: telling us just how limited is the role of genetics in producing human outcomes. To begin with, researchers were shocked to discover how much DNA on our chromosomes is unspoken for — that is, not arranged into specific gene sites associated with identifiable traits. Instead, the vast preponderance of DNA apparently regulates the expression of genes in ways so complex and unpredictable as to be ultimately unspecifiable.

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