Darwin has confused even conservatives



Article reads: But what is bothersome about this debate in general, albeit more so with Arnhart’s than West’s presentation, is that there is no sense of what is meant by “conservative.” As best I can figure, “conservatism” connotes for West approved family values and for Arnhart some kind of human-rights ideology under a different name. The fact that Arnhart has been invited to present his views in First Things and in other neoconservative publications indicates for me that there is nothing upsetting for the advocates of human-rights politics about what he says. Arnhart is reconciling with the dominant egalitarian ideology what he understands as Darwinian thinking. He certainly does not use his social Darwinism to defend such no-noes as socially significant gender differences and inborn kin loyalties. If he did, he would probably not be invited into the forums in which he is asked to participate. Arnhart minds his PC manners, even while bashing such allowable targets as Bible-believing Southerners and 17th-century Puritans.

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