Science keeping its self in the dark


Article reads: There is a recurring backlash whenever a poorly understood phenomenon is finally given a coherent scientific explanation. Richard Dawkins happened to address this as well in Unweaving the Rainbow, titled after the John Keats poem that claimed Newton destroyed the beauty of the rainbow by explaining how it works. He makes the case that this kind of thinking is clearly misguided, and that scientific discovery and explanation should increase beauty, rather than diminish it. The cultural attitude that requires phenomena to be mysterious to have any real significance is not only irrational, but it is actually dangerous. It gives unnecessary value to false and ridiculous claims, and is an obstacle to our collective understanding of the universe. Rather than keeping ourselves in the dark about how “f#cking magnets”  work, or why we care about helping each other, it might be better to put that information to good use, and improve ourselves even more.

The truth is there is a public backlash because these pseudo-explanations are unable to admit any limitation that might diminish scientism. Note how the writer is unable to refrain from profanity.

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