Law of non-contradiction


Opinion reads: There are those who like to depend on naturalistic materialism in order to disprove the existence of anything supernatural that might intervene in their materialistic complacency. But we can see this is only a disguised, pretentious monopoly on truth. They should consider rather carefully the likelihood that a theist’s belief in God is not too different from the belief in the real, intangible, invisible, unchanging, doesn’t-necessarily-fulfill-my-wish existence of the Law of Non-contradiction.

Either the author’s use of the “law of non-contradiction” is intended to mean the principle of excluded middle, or he picked up on a separate issue involving the law of non-contradiction as such. I can`t tell, but it is a very worthy opinion. Nevertheless, I believe the bigger weakness in scientism has to do with the fallacy of excluded middle, whereas the law of non-contradiction is not problematic.

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