Viewing spirituality through the lens of science


Article reads: The problem is more than just that of methodology. “Both science and spirituality are the search for truth,” writes Peter Russell. “One is the search for the truths of the physical world; the other the search for the truth of the nature of consciousness. As such there is no conflict between them. For the same reason, there is currently little meeting between the two either. The current scientific paradigm does not include consciousness or mind as a fundamental reality, but seeks to explain everything in physical terms. Western science has now looked out to the edges of the universe, back in time to the beginning of creation, and down into the sub-atomic structure of matter; and it finds no place, nor need, for God. But this is because it has not yet included the inner realm of mind in its scope. When science explores mind as fully as it has explored space, time and matter, it will create a new worldview, one that includes spirituality.”

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  • onlymoments  On February 19, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    This is a subject I’ve pondered for so many years. I finally wrote a book, entitled Finding God: To Believe or Not To Believe, on the subject of physics, contemporary philosophy and scientific thought in regards to the dichotomy of organized religion and spirituality…if you care to read a chapter it is at

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