Egypt unrest day five


Blurb reads: Live coverage of the fifth day of anti-government protests in Egypt, as tens of thousands of demonstrators return to the streets in several cities, after the Egyptian president fired his cabinet and promised reforms but refused to step down.

Like tooth paste in a tube! What could put pressure on the tube: such that an apparent reductionism that forgets its holism squeezes itself out; that a linear chain of human logic squeezes out, ever fearful of its own emotion; that an apparent causation is revealed; that we blurt out our imperfections, saying “they don`t pay me enough to work so hard, and I`m taxed and regulated to death;” or I could harp about how I have been victimized and exploited by the powerful?

Something is doing all the squeezing, and the pretense of a perfect scientism gets squeezed out in the same wash. But it is dirt that be revealed, otherwise the wash is no good. The squeezing helps reveal mistakes, and only awareness of errors can lead to an improved direction. The squeezing implies a direction, in fact there is implied a preferred direction. Scientism cannot admit to a preferred direction because its boundaries are declared indifferent, lest scientism be revealed outside of science.

That which is preferred is what I say is a “better self image,” and only an ineffable self that can transcend conflict can do the squeezing. No one said that it would be easy to do God`s will, once being born into this world.

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  • rhein-main  On January 30, 2011 at 11:07 am

    The poor people of Egypt. Why can not such power transitions occur peacefully. In the violent nationwide protests against the government in Egypt on Friday after information from the health ministry 38 people have been killed. As representatives of the Ministry announced on Saturday in Cairo, twelve people died in the capital and killed in the city of Suez. About 1,900 people were injured, including 500 police officers. Since the protests began on Tuesday it has thus nearly 50 deaths and 2500 injuries given. The people I feel really sorry.

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