Darwin and atheists



Opinion reads: After Darwin and only after Darwin was it possible to be an intellectually respectable atheist. Before Darwin the argument from design simply could not be ignored. After Darwin showed how, thanks to natural selection, you can get design-like effects without a designer, that was the end of the argument — and attempts at revival by physicists through the so-called anthropic principle are doomed to failure. I don’t think that showing that the argument from design doesn’t work now means that one should be an atheist. But I do think it makes it possible to be one.

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  • Adrian Wilder  On February 16, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    Charles Darwin called The Origin of Species one long argument. The whole point of it was to show that living things are not special creations but modified descendants of common ancestors. Although The Origin of Species listed many facts from nature Darwin s argument was basically theological and it took this general form The facts of nature are inexplicable on the theory of creation but make sense on the theory of descent with modification…..By the theory of creation Darwin did not mean creation within the past few thousand years. Young-earth creationism was not the issue.

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