Tasting shapes


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Article reads: But my awakening happened, as it did for so many, when Dr. Richard Cytowic published The Man Who Tasted Shapes, and I soon set about collecting all the information I could about this neurological trait believed to affect as many as five percent of the world’s population. Two years ago, I left breaking news to solve a mystery happening in my own life. I would live as synesthetically as I could for a year and write a book about the journey. I sought testimony from great artists who’d previously not spoken of their synesthesia but who were rumored to have the gift; I scoured events listings, phoned neuroscientists and even quantum experts and gathered their wisdom. And I ended up invited to present at the prestigious Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference run by the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona at Tucson, thanks to an insightful interview about synesthesia with its Director, Dr. Stuart Hameroff.

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