Sam Harris`s “The Moral Landscape”


Review writes: At the heart of “The Moral Landscape” is the notion that all human values have their genesis in the natural order and, as such, we do not need “God” or anything else to define concepts of right and wrong or to otherwise make judgments about the inherent efficacy of different behaviors. To illustrate this point, he examines a number of values that tend to be common to people in most societies. For instance, acting in one’s own self-interest has often been characterized as being beneficial from an evolutionary perspective. Conversely, most religions tend to articulate, in one way or another, that cooperation and empathy for others are higher-order aspirations that allow us to transcend our more primal tendencies.

And who is this self where such talk of “self-interest” or “cooperation” becomes possible? And what of the authority of science said to define this self into being? First show me a toaster that feels itself baking bread, otherwise scientism is a weak alternative to God!

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  • informationforager  On March 22, 2011 at 1:58 am

    Since you’re talking about Moral Theory I came across a great website for explaining How people make moral decisions. I heard this guy in the Radio. His name is John Haidt I think. He has a website called that perfectly explains the latest developments of Moral Theory. One thing it explains is how the left and right think differently on moral issues.

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