Animal communication


Article reads: From my experiences, I have found animals to be intelligent companions, sharing with us a consciousness that in some ways is far superior to our own. They are aware in ways that astound me. For example, I once had a mare teach me something really important. It’s a long story and one that I tell in “What Does That Mean?” but today I will condense the story to the bottom line. This mare died in my arms. It was around midnight and there were some 50 horses in my barn. They were all turned away from the alleyway where I sat with the mare, her owners and the ranch hands close by. The moment her eyes rolled back in her head, all 50 horses turned, came forward in their stalls, put their heads out over the stall gates into the alleyway itself, and in unison began neighing. My foreman, who was standing some 30 feet away with the rest of everyone present, shouted to me, “What’s going on with the horses?” My answer: “The mare just passed.” How do horses connect this way? How is it that they all knew what had happened the moment it occurred?

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