Dowd’s Darwin-for-all-occasions


Article reads: With faith-evolution controversies running unabated, Dowd’s Darwin-for-all-occasions may seem a hard sell. Yet Dowd’s effusive friendliness and seeming openness are swaying many his direction. His sales technique even wins over atheists and Christian evangelicals.

But the problem has little to do with religion, in my view. The problem is about science, and how Darwin’s natural selection does not explain evolution.

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  • confusedious  On April 23, 2011 at 4:42 am

    I can understand your viewpoint here, Darwin’s original model of natural selection does not answer every question about evolution.

    The truth however is that modern evolutionary biologists do not rely solely on Darwin’s model of natural selection. The modern evolutionary synthesis does take pieces of Darwin’s work, but it combines these with our modern knowledge of genetics, inheritance and the nuts and bolts of mutation. Darwin’s work is not, pardon the pun, gospel.

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