Stuart Kauffman starting to figure it out


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Kauffman writes: But this is the point! The biosphere is, as I’ve remarked before, evolving the very empty adjacent possible niches that it may/will become! And those niches appear without themselves in any way being “selected for”. Then, beyond Darwin, heritable variation, natural selection, drift, and self organization, the biopshere is, without any of the above familiar drivers of evolution, building the very possibilities, the empty adjacent possibilities, it will become. Beyond Darwin, the biosphere is building its own Adjacent Possible and then evolving into that Adjacent Possible and building a yet further new Adjacent Possible empty niches.

This is remarkable because Kauffman is now pointing to the space-time fabric (noted “adjacent possible empty niches”), that comes with an imbedded driver that goes unexplained by classical notions of cause-and-effect like natural selection. Classical causation depends on boundary conditions, but here the driver is on the boundary. Kauffman is ready to get into Kant`s issues, and to venture beyond into transcendental idealism, if he wishes to follow. Come on in, the water is fine!

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