Now natural selection said to have a non-blind driver


Article reads: Studies have been performed on guppies showing how their colors are selected for by natural selection depending on a given environment. In an area with lots of predators, guppies tend to be duller colored. Any mutations that arise that contribute to hiding these guppies from their predators are selected for because these guppies survive and pass on these traits to their offspring. Conversely, in streams where there are fewer predators, guppies tend to be more brightly colored. Why? Because females like this form of male showmanship and will preferentially mate with those males that have the brightest array of colors. Thus, these genes are selected for by natural selection and any mutation that arises will be favored and propagated to the next generation.

Except that this “natural selection” is no longer the blind watchmaker said to have no purpose: selection depends on showmanship. A little honesty will go a long way to clear up this confusion, but note this honesty is rarely given. Why the deception?

Advice: It is important to articulate the felt tension in a way that unravels the “opposition.” Use the tension the way an artist paints, rather than find yourself victimized by it. Focus your thoughts into sharp bullets that cannot be refuted, and share them, and be very wary of libertine equivocations that are unable to see their own circular thinking.

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