Evolution according to Hinduism



Article reads: It is on this sacred premise that Hinduism builds its conception of reality wherein the boundless chain of life there exists neither birth nor death, only endless cycles of transmutation and regeneration, culminating in the evolution of consciousness and dynamic unfolding of the Divine Intelligence in man. With a mind that thus peered eternity, the ancient Hindus, it is said, had inexorably unlocked such secrets and mysteries of existence pertaining to creation, manifestation, the universal order and human evolution, converging in the supramental vision of Sanatan Dharma- the Eternal Truth and Divine Process that has over many cycles of time revealed itself to us through the mystical life and evolutionary work of many ascended gurus, rishis, yogis, seers and avatars, all of whom have ushered in a higher world-order of love, peace, righteousness and truth, sowing within us the seeds for a greater life and a unified existence.

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