Two book reviews on creative evolution

Firstly, Henri Bergson’s Creative Evolution

Bergson (page 44) writes of foresight: “We must therefore have managed to extract resemblance from nature, which enable us to anticipate the future. Thus we must, consciously or unconsciously, have made use of the law of causality. Moreover, the more sharply the idea of efficient causality is defined in our mind, the more it takes the form of a mechanical causality. And this scheme, in its turn, is the more mathematical according as it expresses a more rigorous necessity.” This necessity could be the workings of a mechanical clock, with its gears and cogs, fully determined from the offering of our deductive thought that awakens.

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Second, Donald Austin’s Creative Evolution Revisited
Donald Austin (page 404) writes: “I know that I will receive criticism for including long excerpts from numerous writers and authors. But what can be more expressive of the various issues than the actual words of those who addressed them? My purpose was to present a compendium of controversies in the field of evolutionism and its history. It is now up to the interested to go to the various works of those authors and relish the depth and entirety of their thinking.”
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