We fight and compete too much?


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Book review reads: Traits such as selfishness, greed, aggressiveness, competitiveness evolved and became fixed in our genetic soul, while traits such as prudence, sense of responsibility and wisdom were totally bypassed and selected against.

Too much competition, and not enough cooperation? Answer – hardly!

You cooperate if you trust the system, otherwise you must compete. And if you are lucky enough to control the system, then you may still need to earn the people`s trust where you find yourself competing again.

We might as well talk about trust and agency, and what is found ineffable. The choice-less hammer is faithfully under the control of agency, provided by the carpenter. Each must earn its own lever of trust to do its specialized level of work, like cells and organs of the body. However, I would not trust the carpenter to work outside of his field, say as a liver or as a dentist that works on my teeth. Likewise, I would not trust a scientist to pontificate on spirituality, without a wider focus and a life-time worth of experience. In particular, I would not trust a scientist that represents reality as something that shares the indifference offered by the hammer. Note the levels of provisionality, with divisions of labor that become stretched if labor reaches outside its domain of application. The study of evolution cannot escape this challenge of narrow focus, when a wider perspective is also needed to see beyond mere existentialism into a realm where there is enough difference to permit self-replication.

From the very small, to the widest perspective, the question of agency continues to escape our definitions until the trust is won. In the end, there need only be one agent that is trustworthy.

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