Cut-throat competition and profit motive fosters cooperation


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Article reads: “The study confirms that a shame tactic can be effective, but rather surprisingly, we’ve also found that apparently honour has an equally strong effect on encouraging people to cooperate for the common good,” says co-author Christoph Hauert, an assistant professor in UBC’s Dept. of Mathematics and an expert on game theory.

Shaming competitors in their defeat, and rewarding those that are cooperative with you, says nothing about the ideal of a cooperative society. But it is the same old carrot and stick approach that is common sense, not that your position is correct!

Likewise, an overbearing mother and a lenient father can foster rebellion from the collective called “carrot world” and this brings on competition and the use of more sticks. There is no escaping the trappings of life. Competition breeds cooperation, and cooperation returns to competition, and it stays that way till the horse is tamed.
The hatchling grows feathers, and takes its first flight. The young bird tries to return to the nest, but finds itself changed.
A question that is forgotten to ask: who, or what, does all this competition or cooperation? The first negation is to differentiate, and this carries competition. The second negation is to return to the unity, and this carries cooperation. The pure understanding only needs two negations to find itself and return to source, the rest of us may need to work a little longer to find the same pattern repeating before we get it right like the horse.

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