The new science


Article reads: Patrick Flanagan feels that “the new science is the same old science but, we now have a better understanding of it: the cobwebs of old science are slowly but surely clearing, taking us closer to reality.” Marilyn Schlitz rightly feels that the new science “teaches us how to live and let others live as well as we are all interconnected through consciousness.” Fred Alan Wolf, a big name in the field of science education made easy through animation, says that “the new science teaches us that there are far more choices in science than what we were taught. The rigid walls around scientific laws are crumbling, but very slowly.” Hans Peter Duerr, Emeritus President of the Max Planck Institute in Munich, the grand old man of nuclear science, has shown that energy and matter are but the two faces of the same coin; so are mind and body. He feels that “there is no future and future can never be predicted, but the future has to be built by all of us. If we have the right attitude to life future becomes safer with our collective positive thoughts.” Duerr calls his new theory as a-duality although he himself admits that this word is much inferior to advaita of Indian philosophy. The message he wants to give to the world is that the new science should make us humbler and more tranquil.

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