The religion of transhumanism


Article reads: In recent years, transhumanist groups have sought to show how their work is compatable with “religion” and “spirituality.” The Mormon Transhumanist Association held a recent conference on “Transhumanism and Spirituality,” which included prominent leaders in the movement. In 2009, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pistoia in Italy held a week-long seminar on “The Idea of Immortality on Earth,” which drew both transhumanist support and criticism. But Farman adds that the informatic futurist network has a strong atheist and materialist component. He cites surveys showing that atheists and agnostics comprise anywhere from 72 to 85 percent of these groups’ memberships, along with a minority of pagans and other religions.

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  • jeanninemariedymphna  On July 8, 2011 at 2:47 am

    This is very interesting, and I’d like to hear more of your personal thoughts on this particular issue. I only very learned recently learned about transhumanism, and as you mention, it is predominantly an atheist/agnostic/materialist movement. For this reason, I find it fascinating to learn of these Mormon and Catholic gestures toward transhumanism. For me it is easy enough to understand the spiritual dimensions of this movement…However, do you personally think that transhumanism is compatible with monotheistic Abrahamic religions (which place a single deity as a supreme authority over humanity and, to a certain extent at least, demand humility and submission? Is there not something Tower of Babel-ish in all this? (From the religious perspective?) I’d really like to hear what you have to say on this (and if you don’t mind, I may cite this article on my own blog).

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