The collective shadow


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Opinion reads: We have choices to make. High-tech social manipulation is failing humanity. It restricts us to an economic model based on perpetual growth — essentially a glonal Ponzi scheme that robs our children and grandchildren in order to feed its pathological greed. To look clearly and deeply at this collective shadow requires the inner focus, courage and strength of sustained meditation. It is a spiritual task that Buddhists and others can no longer avoid.

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  • multiconstruct  On July 19, 2011 at 2:15 am

    the article had me up until the last paragraph. somehow i don’t see contemplative practice doing the job. it could have just as easily summed it all up by saying it would be fine if we all loved jesus/mohammed/ahuaramazda/willywonka. unwarranted conclusion unsubstantiated by the rest of the article. especially in an article that points out delusion can be a source of evil.

  • fay gibbs  On October 14, 2011 at 10:03 am

    (Attached Global Conflict-Response Initiative.)
    ‘ENTHUSIASM’——— 2009-2013
    Compiled extraordinary collaborating program
    directly relating to re-creating corrupted core-
    values and cultural conflict resolution.
    Addressed to: ,
    With Compliments,
    Julia Ramsay, —
    Volunteer Social/ Environmental Reform Worker
    WARMICH-AUSTRALIA warmich28(at)
    Personal note: Humanity’s action response-time
    is shrinking fast. When 2013 arrives we will know
    exactly what action was taken by ‘the people’.
    What we have here is a practical catalyst which has
    more than enough power for Humanity to negotiate
    corporate agendas of deadly placebo programs and
    global symptoms psychosomatic self-destruction.
    Have we not come this far to be brutally wasted by
    toxic thinking and consumer waste-programs?

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