Blame capitalism for everything, but afraid to even mention communism


Opinion reads: In anticipation of some of the comments I expect, let me forestall them by pointing out that I am not against capitalism and will not suggest that capitalism be somehow halted. This is impossible. Many people are competitive and do wish to have more to the point of surfeit. What I do think is best is that capitalism be fenced off and those who want to live in a dog-eat-dog arena, can have their place to do it. But speaking from a more transcendent level, we are not all capitalists in orientation and many people would prefer to live quieter more non-material lives in a civilized, not a wholly capitalistic society.

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  • SaulOhio  On July 28, 2011 at 1:13 am

    Yes, they would like to live with less capitalism and less material wealth, like in North Korea, where they live with chronic famine. Like in Cuba, where nobody actually starves, but they are running out of cats and dogs. Like in Venezuela, where “21st century socialism” is creating shortages of certain foods.

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