Ray Kurzweil forgets that a striving life already depends on an a-priori affection



Kurzweil says: So there is an evolutionary reason why love evolved. But I think that as we enhance ourselves through our technology and ultimately actually merge with it, we are going to be more capable of being more loving and capable of representing what that means. That is the epitome of what evolution is trying to achieve and in that regard, I consider evolution to be a spiritual process because it moves towards greater levels of intelligence, beauty, creativity, knowledge and love. All of which are attributes that god has been called, without limit, god is infinite in these qualities, an evolutionary process even the singularity which will be an explosion of these attributes that doesn’t reach infinite levels, although there is some debate about that, that’s my position anyway.

But one can find God already in the present moment, without all the heated progressive goals that adds layers of complexity, on top of complexity. Therefore, Love of the timeless variety did not evolve because it already was, and a love that is bound to time is less than authentic.

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