Darwin’s evolution and Hinduism


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Article reads: Another important principle of modern science is the Darwin’s principle of evolution which talks of process of selection and is described by a rule known as “Survival of the fittest”. It is now recognised that too much emphasis on the education of the Darwin’s principle of evolution has actually damaged the environment and society has been affected negatively. So much violence in the society and suppression of poor or weak by strong and powerful persons, communities or nations is partly a consequences of this law. In contrast, Indian philosophy talks of a principle of “Live and Let Live”. The two laws are totally different from each other and there is a need to study the differences between the two. The basic principles of Indian philosophies have resulted into a value system, a cultural heritage, a different concept of development which can be termed as spiritual development, which should be compared with the Darwin’s principle of evolution along with a linear concept of economic development. Similarly living in cooperation with other living beings and the nature is a part of this type of evolution. Worshipping of nature and natural resources in India is somehow related with this philosophy.

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