Hinduism gave us evolution before Darwin


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Article: And as to evolution, more than 2,000 years before Darwin rocked Christendom with his heresy, the Hindu Puranas described the “Dasha Avataras”–the ten Avatars, or incarnations, of Lord Vishnu.  Lord Vishnu is said to assume an avatar at various periods in history to guide creation and preserve its eternal dharma–meaning that which is necessary to sustain and uphold.  And so God is described in the earliest of creation to have taken the avatar of a fish, followed by a tortoise (amphibian), boar, half man-half lion, short human (scientists only recently found that early humans were likely short-statured), and then a warrior with an axe.  The latter incarnations are the well known avatars of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and Lord Buddha as the most recent.

Note that this evolution is vitalistic, and so it is not natural selection.

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