Genetic determinism crumbles

Another story about the recent Science paper:

Story reads: “Our study shows that it’s not all in the genes,” said Joseph Ecker, a professor in Salk’s Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory, who led the research team. “We found that these plants have an epigenetic code that’s more flexible and influential than we imagined. There is clearly a component of heritability that we don’t fully understand. It’s possible that we humans have a similarly active epigenetic mechanism that controls our biological characteristics and gets passed down to our children. “

This story has vitalism written all over it. Think of One reality with two windows: the individualist side presented as pressure-points called genes; the collectivist side presented as pressure-points that imply an epigenetic code for turning genes on and off. Therefore, the vital is like a rock climber, clinging to pressure-points and finding support to climb higher with its evolution. The two-sided reality can only take us as far as Kant`s third antinomy, and beyond is the wellspring of Trinitarian vitalism, mysticism, and God.

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