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Darwinists are horrified


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Article reads: Score one for science this week. Evolutionary biologists were horrified by the news that a scholarly press was going to publish a work in favor of intelligent design. But a spokesman for the publishing house confirmed to Inside Higher Ed Wednesday that the book’s publication is on hold as it is subjected to further peer review.

Human body did not evolve by a Darwinian process

Even Provda gets this right:

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Artcile reads: Evolution has no proven explanations for the origin of just one irreducibly complex system, let alone the interdependent web of irreducible systems that comprise the human body.

What is needed is a Trinitarian vitalism, where the middle term is permitted a more complex expression with evolution.

A letter to David Haury

Hi David,
Interesting article you have in:
When reflecting on the origin of truth, one discovers that this particular issue does not really belong to science. The topic is closer to philosophy, i.e., epistemology where Kant made his mark, but even this does not do the topic justice. According to intuitionist understanding, apparent truth springs from something more innate: a trust worthy awareness, of which knowing thy self becomes more fundamental. Or in other words, to win a trust that grounds us to broad reality, there must be a vetting process to puts our most tightly held beliefs to the test. Unfortunately, this vetting process is not traditional science, rather it is closer to a transcendental science as Edmund Husserl noted.
Putting the “scientific theory of evolution” to the test does NOT return Darwin`s theory of evolution, it returns something different as I explain in my paper:

Wallace 98 Years Later



Article reads: What would surprise Wallace the most were he to be transported to this world 98 years later? At least seven things come to mind.

Teacher fired for critical view of evolution


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Article reads: An Ohio judge has ruled against a public school science teacher who was fired for allegedly pushing his religious beliefs on his students, and for keeping a Bible on his desk. The Rutherford Institute, the legal advocacy group representing him in an appeal of the termination, insisted that the charge has more to do with the teacher’s efforts to get students to think critically about the issue of evolution.

Confused meaning of evolution



Article reads: The debate over evolution and intelligent design can be confusing because some keys terms in the discussion are ambiguous. Some people use “evolution” to refer to something as simple as small changes in the sizes of bird beaks. Others use the same word to mean something much more far-reaching. Used one way, “evolution” isn’t controversial at all; used another way, it’s hotly debated.

Venema creates an ID straw man



Article reads: By misrepresenting Meyer’s thesis as being refuted by evidence of the power of natural selection, Venema creates a straw man. Meanwhile he ignores the substantive critiques by leading ID proponents of the very evidence he raises.

A call to censor critics of Darwinism



Article reads: A group of scientists in the United Kingdom is calling for a “statutory and enforceable” ban on teaching creationism in Britain’s publicly funded schools, as well as for evolution to be included “at both primary and secondary levels in the National Curriculum and in all schools.”

Darwinism earns our skepticism



Opinion reads: Like most people in this country, I was taught that Darwinian evolution is established scientific fact. This never interfered with my faith because I always believed God could do anything he wants. How interesting at age 53 to learn that Darwinian evolution is experiencing huge problems as science progresses.

Darwinist hegemony



Opinion reads: If evolution is so scientific, factual and beyond all rational argument, then why do the proponents of Darwinian evolutionary theory systematically lie about their findings, block and defame other scientists with contrarian ideas like Intelligent Design, creationism and natural law, and in the name of “academic freedom” dominate the majority of the academic journals and university professorships with a Stalinist grip?